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Summer Loving

Summer Loving

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"Ocean Shores is now my fictional happy place!" Goodreads Reviewer

Note: The Audiobook of SUMMER LOVING will be released on August 9th.


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 "Ocean Shores is now my fictional happy place!" Goodreads Reviewer

 Sparks fly when Gabe Herrera, the charismatic owner of a beloved food truck, finds himself at odds with Madison Baldwin, the meticulous chef of a prestigious fine dining restaurant. Their rivalry escalates when they both set their sights on the same coveted restaurant space, setting the stage for a culinary showdown that sizzles as much as their signature dishes.

For Madison, each meal is a meticulously orchestrated symphony of flavors. She's determined to succeed in her first head chef position, but with Gabe's food truck parked across the street and stealing her potential customers, her dreams are at risk. Meanwhile, Gabe, a self-taught chef from an immigrant family, believes food is a celebration of life, meant to connect people and bring joy to everyday moments, but he needs more than a food truck to support his family.

As their rivalry intensifies, Madison and Gabe find themselves competing head-to-head in a cooking competition for a prize that could change both their lives. But as the competition heats up, so does the attraction between them. Can they set aside their differences and blend their flavors to create a recipe for love? Or will their conflicting styles and opinions prove to be insurmountable obstacles? 

Find out in Summer Loving, a heartwarming and humorous tale of love, food, and the power of a good meal to bring people together.

What the readers are saying... 

"Absolutely loved this book! The Ocean Shores series is shaping up to be one of my favorites. Madison and Gabe’s story starts off with a rocky competitive relationship. But as the story unfolds, they become friends and then fall in love. Although this is only the second in the series, the friendships among the characters have proven to be so enjoyable that I cannot wait to read about each of the characters. Highly recommend! 5 STARS" Karen – Goodreads

"SUMMER LOVING is the perfect beach read! Ocean Shores is the new place to be and is inhabited by many wonderful characters. It an easy and fun read and I’m certainly looking forward to the next Ocean Shores story." Jill – Goodreads

"Summer Loving is a complete delight. This is a sweet romance with a side of rivalry between two chefs each needing to win a cooking competition. Ms. Freethy does a wonderful job defining her characters, and as the hopes, dreams, aspirations and fears of self- taught Gabe and classically trained Madison and readers will find themselves rooting for both to win." Jane – Goodreads

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Kathy D.
Good Feeling Story

I really enjoyed the story of Gabe and Madison. I loved reading about chefs and how and why they do their jobs. It was a fun story to read and just made me smile while I was reading. Both characters were interesting and they were people I would like to meet and have as a friend.

Loved this Story

Two strangers meet in a bar, have instant chemistry & make a toast to escape - no worries, no problems, no family. And they do just that for an evening…they don’t exchange names or careers, they have a great time just drinking & asking each other questions. But when Gabe has to take a call from his brother, Madison calls for a ride home & leaves without a trace.
That’s the set up for this great second book in talented author Barbara Freethy’s Ocean Shores series, stories that center around an apartment complex and the people who live there. Turns out Gabe & Madison have a lot more in common than they knew that first night. Gabe is a chef who lives at Ocean Shores, running a very successful food truck but dreaming of opening his own restaurant. Madison is a chef at a brand new restaurant struggling to attract customers. When she ends up moving into Ocean Shores, the two are thrown together again. Other than their passion for food, they are opposites in many ways. Barbara Freethy weaves a great story of these two characters coming together, competing against each other in a cooking competition & finally realizing that what’s really important in their lives is each other. I fell in love with Gabe and Madison and I think you will too.

A wonderful summer novel!

Nobody warned me, so consider this a public service announcement..... You are going to get hungry from reading this book. I was starving by the end of this, and had to go make myself some enchiladas!! The food descriptions are *chefs kiss*

Ok, on to the story!! I loved it! It was a really fun opposites attract, enemies to lovers story. Well, flirtation to enemies to lovers!! Madison is so determined to succeed with her restaurant but is running out of time. Gabe is pushing himself as hard as he can but can never seem to get to the next step.

I really enjoyed the sparks between these two, and I loved the cooking competition. I especially loved the way these two managed to balance the competition with being themselves.

I was a little frustrated with the family dynamics on both sides. I feel like neither really got resolved and I wanted them both to have more of an epiphany on boundaries and such.

Overall, an amazing second book in the series and I cannot wait for more!!

Tammy Young
Wonderful Story

A wonderful story with a fresh plot set in the culinary arts world and the supportive group of friends at the Ocean Shores apartment building. Two amazing chefs with very different backgrounds and culinary styles, rival in a competition for the top prize, learning about each other along the way. I enjoyed this book very much. Great characters that I hope to see more of in future Ocean Shores books. Great series!

Melissa McCarthy
What's cooking?

I absolutely adore Ocean Shores!! It is a place where anyone feels welcome, and they find ways to get you to join in the fun. LOVE it! That being said, Gabe and Madison were a fun duo. I love the rivalry, friendship, and overall support. At first, which is what Barbara wanted, I wasn't sure what to think of Madison, but she won me over. I have been a fan of Gabe's since book 1, so I was happy to see him get his HEA. The addition of some of my favorites from the previous book was an added bonus! Can't wait to read the next one!