How it Began...

I grew up in a world of books. My mother was a voracious reader and passed on her love of fiction to me. Some of my earliest memories were reading with my mom and going to the library where every book took me on a new adventure.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Communications, I went into public relations and spent my days writing nonfiction business articles when what I really wanted to do was write novels. I was working in the tech sector at the time and thought if I could write about semiconductors, which I had no clue about, I could write about anything!

I wrote my first novel in my late twenties. It took me about a year, and I really knew nothing about the business of publishing, but I found some local writers' groups where I discovered a wealth of information. I was lucky enough to have my first book published two years later.

A career in traditional publishing followed as I published books with Harper Collins, Penguin, Simon and Schuster, and Harlequin.

In 2011, with the e-book readers hitting the stores, I decided it was time to start publishing my own books. The digital revolution made that possible with retailers like Amazon, B&N, Apple, Google and Kobo opening their doors to authors.

I formed my company, Fog City Publishing, and became my own publisher. It’s been a thrilling ride ever since.

How it's going...

In the past twelve years, I discovered that I loved the business side of writing as much as the craft. I've also had an opportunity to be my own boss and call my own shots. I love being able to write what my readers are looking for and get them books quickly and frequently. In traditional publishing, it can take years to bring a book to market. As an indie, I can publish much more frequently.

In addition to writing in English, I've had my FBI Series, Callaway Series and Bridesmaids Series translated into German with a few books in French and Spanish. I've also licensed my books to foreign publishers. To date, I've sold over 14 million books worldwide. That number amazes me and humbles me. I'm so grateful for the readers who have come along with me and those who have recently discovered my work.

Thanks to my wonderful readers, many of my books have hit the New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists as well as the top 100 lists at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.

In July 2014, I was named the Amazon KDP Bestselling Author of All Time! While a few authors may have passed my record since then, it was still a thrilling moment to know I had reached so many Amazon readers!

I'm currently writing and publishing about four books a year. I write a mix of genres now, moving between mystery thrillers, romantic suspense and contemporary romance.

Since you're on my site, you've probably noticed that I've also turned my website into an e-commerce store. It's another way for me to control how I bring my books to readers.

While I'll always continue to sell books on the retail sites, I wanted the opportunity to do flash sales, discount offers, special book bundles and offer fun gifts for my readers. I hope you'll check out the site and find something you like!

At the end of the day, I love being a writer and I hope I'm enriching my readers' lives as so many authors have done for me. As you can see, my love affair with books continues as strong as ever. I'm a reader and a writer, and I couldn't ask for a better job. I hope you find something new to read and escape into a wonderful adventure!