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Silent Fall

Silent Fall

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"If you love nail-biting suspense and heartbreaking emotion, Silent Run belongs on the top of your to-be-bought list. I could not turn the pages fast enough." NYT Bestselling Author Mariah Stewart


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"Freethy hits the ground running as she kicks off another winning romantic suspense series...Freethy is at her prime with a superb combo of engaging characters and gripping plot." Publishers' Weekly"

Dylan Sanders is attending a wedding in the mountains when his trip takes a terrible turn. A former lover appears out of nowhere, demands a private conversation, and lures him into the woods, then leaves him there, drugged and disoriented. The next morning, the woman has disappeared, and Dylan is accused of her murder.

Catherine Hilliard, a beautiful psychic haunted by her own dark past, is reluctant to offer up her cryptic visions to help skeptical Dylan figure out what's going on, but she can't leave her best friend's brother-in-law on his own ... or deny the powerful, inexplicable connection between them.

It soon becomes clear that a wily and ruthless mastermind has targeted both of them, with a motive that's very personal. Soon their race to expose the truth is no longer about staying out of jail but about staying alive ...

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy delivers a page-turning romantic suspense and psychological thriller that will keep you guessing until the last page...

*Silent Fall is the second book in the romantic suspense duo that begins with Silent Run


"A well-written romantic suspense with more twists and turns than a winding road, the relationship developing between Dylan and Catherine forms the glue of the plot. Freethy fans will love this latest offering." The Romance Readers Connections

"Ms. Freethy follows her superb SILENT RUN with this excellent sequel. The storyline of a man and woman on the run is absorbing and the pacing is fast and furious. The mystery is solved with a chilling conclusion that will shock and surprise readers." Fresh Fiction Reviews

"Freethy's star continues to gain luster with another stellar romantic thriller. Hang on!" Romantic Times


She was going to die. The terrifying thought made her stumble, her spiked heel catching in a crack in the pavement. She fell forward, breaking her fall with her hands. Tiny pebbles of cement burned into her palms and her knees. For a moment she was tempted to quit. She was so cold and so tired, but if she stopped now he’d catch her, and there would be no tomorrow, no second chance.

Forcing herself back to her feet, she pulled off her broken shoes and headed deeper into the park. The grass was wet beneath her feet, the midnight fingers of fog covering everything within reach with a damp mist. Her hair curled around her face as the wet spray mixed with the tears streaking down her cheeks.

She’d never been a crier, but this was too much. She’d never felt so alone or in such mortal danger.

Everywhere she turned, he followed. She couldn’t seem to get away. How did he keep finding her?

Even now she could hear the footsteps behind her, the crack of twigs, the sound of a distant car. Was it him?

She probably should have stayed on the city streets, but she’d thought the tall trees and the thick bushes of the park would offer her protection, a place to hide. Now she realized how desolate the area was at night. There were no people, no businesses to run into. She was completely on her own.

She gasped and stopped abruptly as a shadowy figure came out of the undergrowth. Her heart thudded against her chest. The man walked toward her, one hand outstretched. His clothes were old and torn, and his face was covered with a heavy beard. He wore a baseball cap, and a backpack was slung over one shoulder. He was probably one of the homeless people who set up camp in the park at night. Or maybe not...

"Hey, baby, give me a kiss," he said in a drunken slur.

"Leave me alone." She put up a hand to ward him off, but he kept moving forward.

"I’m just being friendly. Come on now, sweetheart."

Turning, she ran as fast as she could in the other direction, hearing him call after her. She didn’t know if he was following her or not, and she was too terrified to look, so she left the sidewalk and moved deeper into the park, looking for a little corner in which to hide. Her side was cramping and her feet were soaked. She desperately needed to find some sanctuary. Branches scraped her bare arms and face, but she kept going. It was so dark in the heavy brush that she could barely see a foot in front of her. Tall trees and fog had completely obliterated the moonlight.

Fortunately she had her hand out in front of her when she ran into a cement wall that rose several stories in the air. She must have hit the side of one of the park buildings. Pausing, she caught her breath and listened. She could hear nothing but her own ragged breathing. Maybe she was safe, at least for the moment.

Leaning back against the cold cement, she pondered her next move, but she didn’t know what to do, how to escape. She was out of options.

How had she come to this? Running for her life and all alone? This was not how it was supposed to go. This was Dylan’s fault. He’d put her in this situation. Where the hell was he?

But she couldn’t count on him to rescue her. She had to find a way out on her own. She couldn’t let things end like this. She’d fought for her life before, and she’d won. She would do it again.

Her heart stopped as a nearby branch snapped in two. A confident male whistle pierced the silent night. Whoever was coming didn’t care if she heard him or not. The bushes in front of her slowly parted. Terror ran through her body. There was nowhere left to run.

SILENT RUN and SILENT FALL are a romantic suspense connected duo, tied together by the two male protagonists, who are brothers.

Both books can be read as standalones, but once you read one, you'll want to read the other!