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Just The Way You Are

Just The Way You Are

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“I loved this book! I loved it so much I don’t even know what to say. The characters were so easy to relate to–at times, uncomfortably so. I felt like I learned about myself as I read it. At times I wanted to cry and at others I was so happy but all the way through, I saw truth. This book was beautiful and perfect and I’m a fan of Freethy for life.” Jamie – Goodreads Review

Take a romantic journey to Tucker's Landing, Oregon, where Sam and Alli Tucker have made a life together ... a life about to be tested by the return of the only woman who can break them up—Alli's sister, Tessa.

A baby brought them together—and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they've built together, she has decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams. It is no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart.

Sam has always dreamed of a life away from the close-knit world of Tucker's Landing, but marriage and fatherhood ended all that. Now Sam is torn between what was and what was meant to be. He must decide if it's time to rekindle the dreams of the past ... or accept Alli, and her love, just the way she is.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is an emotionallly compelling, heartwarming, beautiful love story about choices, second chances, the crush of a youthful love, the intensity of a love born from marriage and life. "An exceptional novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy!"


“Barbara Freethy has crafted a beautiful and emotionally satisfying story in Just the Way You Are. I was immediately drawn into these people’s lives and was unwilling to let them go until I had finished the story. The secondary characters are compelling and perfectly compliment the emotional attachment and age-old pain that Sam and Allie have to deal with in order to decide what to do with their future. I cannot recommend this book enough – it is a lovely story that will touch your heart.” Barb’s All Romance Bookstore

Heartbreaking and joyful all in one book- very raw and real! I absolutely loved it. Barbara freethy just has a way of writing her books that lures you in until the last page.” Lo, Amazon Reviewer

"If there is one author who knows how to deliver vivid stories that tug on your emotions, it’s Barbara Freethy. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE deftly explores the drama of first loves and second chances." Romantic Times Magazine


"Are you ready to go for a sail?" John MacGuire asked his wife. A young, handsome man, he stood on the edge of a wide sandy beach, wearing summer shorts and his favorite T-shirt. He pointed toward the water behind him, to the sailboat that bobbed gently in the quiet bay. "It's the perfect day."

"I can't sail. I'm sick. I don't know what happened, but I can't seem to open my eyes." Phoebe MacGuire took a quick breath as panic filled her soul and the sounds and smells of the hospital threatened to pull her out of her dream. "I'm seventy-six years old now, John. How did I get to be so old? I'm scared."

"No need to be scared, my darling, not when I'm here.”

"But you're not really here," she whispered, knowing his image was nothing but a memory, and her love had been gone for a very long time.

"I miss you, Phoebe," he said softly, his voice as gentle as the morning breeze.

"I miss you, too. Nothing has been the same since you died. You were the one who kept the family together. It was you, your strength, your vision. Without you, we fell apart. Alli and Tessa are strangers now, and I don't know how to bring them back together."

"Do you still have the pearls, Phoebe?"

"Of course I do."

"Do you remember the one we found on our first anniversary? That's when we discovered you were pregnant. Then we had a son, and later granddaughters, and we taught them to love the sea, to cherish the family, and to treasure the pearls for the strength that they gave us each year to go on, to live life to its fullest, to complete the circle."

"But we didn't complete it," she said in despair. "Because you died. You left me."

"It was my time, Phoebe, but you must finish the necklace now. The pearls weren't meant to just be a symbol of our love, but of our family, our strength, our unity. The pearls are nothing on their own. But together in a strand, they are everything. It is the lesson we must teach Alli and Tessa." He paused, his expression as tender as a sweet blooming rose. "I wish for our girls a love as deep and as satisfying as the one we share."

"I want the same thing." But as his image faded away, Phoebe wondered if even the last pearl could save Alli and Tessa from themselves.