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Exclusive Mystery Thriller Ebook Bundle

Exclusive Mystery Thriller Ebook Bundle

"Barbara Freethy's suspense novels are explosvively good." USA Today Bestselling Author Toni Anderson

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Get three full-length standalone mystery thrillers in one exclusive digital ebook bundle! Titles include: 


Ten years ago, I was seventeen, spending summers with my wealthy family and friends on Hawk Island. One terrible night, I blacked out. The next morning, my best friend, Melanie, was gone—vanished without a trace.

Today, I go back. To the island. To my sister's wedding. To a group of privileged people with whom I've never belonged. To my best friend's brother, a man who hates us all. To secrets that someone will kill to keep.

A storm is coming. A storm that will cut off the island from all hope of help. A storm that could allow a kidnapper to escape or a killer to murder again. A storm that will wash away all the lies and deception and reveal the true faces of 
All the Pretty People.

Will I be the next one to disappear?


I was working at my sister's clothing boutique in Carmel when I got the call. The hospital told me that my mother had been shot and was in critical condition. This could be my last chance to see her, and I needed to go to San Francisco immediately.

I was stunned. Not just because of the horrific news, but also because my mother had died in a storm twenty years ago…

To find out the truth, I'll have to dive into the life of the woman in the hospital bed, into her past and mine. But as I get closer to the truth, the target moves from her to me…and suddenly her life isn't the only one on the line. 


In this heart-stopping psychological thriller, Emily Hollister's seemingly perfect life unravels when she becomes the target of someone intent on taking over her life.
"I know what you did."
The anonymous note starts an ominous game of cat and mouse. Soon, Emily finds herself trapped in a web of gaslighting and manipulation. Someone is lurking in the shadows, observing her every move, and insidiously replacing her in her own existence. 
With no one she can trust, Emily turns to a stranger for help, an ex-soldier with his own baggage to carry, but is he who he appears to be? 
As the danger escalates, Emily fights to put an end to the terrifying charade. With all the skeletons in her past, unmasking her tormentor is no easy task, but if she fails, she may find herself erased from her own life. 

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