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Exclusive Ebook Bundle

Exclusive Ebook Bundle

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"If there is one author who knows how to deliver vivid stories that tug on your emotions, it’s Barbara Freethy!" Romantic Times

Don't Miss This Exclusive Four Book Bundle at a stunning price! A Mother's Day Weekend Special!

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Four complete contemporary romance novels for only $7.99

This special Mother's Day weekend offer includes four full-length standalone novels featuring emotional and heartwarming romances and family stories that are guaranteed to make you smile and maybe bring a tear to your eye. Each book features at least one woman in "mom" mode, including a heroine who discovers a baby on her doorstep. Check out the book blurbs below and grab this very special deal!


"An emotional roller-coaster, Some Kind of Wonderful is also tender and charming." — Heartstrings Reviews


It's the kind of story investigative reporter Matt Winters writes about—not the kind he wants to be living. When he discovers a newborn baby girl on his doorstep, he panics. Then he desperately turns to his temptingly pretty neighbor Caitlyn Devereaux for help. 

Caitlyn's aching vulnerability as she holds the precious bundle piques his curiosity. The wedding gowns she creates are famous for fulfilling every bride's fantasies, yet she firmly says that marriage—and motherhood—are not for her. 

As they search for the baby's mother, family secrets strip away the masks they've been wearing. With everything on the line, will they find the courage to stop playing it safe and go for something wonderful? 

#1 NYT Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy is known for her unforgettable stories, where ordinary people find extraordinary loveand where unexpected soulmates are sometimes found right next door...


"RYAN'S RETURN is a superlative novel that proves everyone can indeed go home again." Debbie Macomber

Famous photojournalist Ryan Hunter has come back to a family torn apart by mistrust and resentment—to the father who disowned him, to the brother who betrayed him, to the little boy who shares his features. Ryan, the charismatic "bad boy" son, has returned—stirring up past conflicts like a whirlwind, and throwing Kara Delaney's fragile, passionate heart into turmoil.

Kara has struggled back from a disastrous marriage to build a new life for herself and her little girl­—a peaceful existence now jeopardized by vicious, small town politics, by her daughter's fanciful ghost stories, and by Ryan's return. Now nature's impending fury threatens to expose long-buried secrets. Kara must join with the enigmatic, misunderstood Ryan to discover the truth that will save their families...and to explore a dangerous, irresistible love as mighty and enduring as the onrushing river.


"Compelling and well written, this multilayered romance promises appealing characters, a dash of humor, and a bit of unexplained magic to a story with a serious theme." Library Journal

Joanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life, something she never dreamed she'd find in a handsome stranger's children—mischievous six-year-old twin sisters who look up at her adoringly...and call her "Mama."

Since his wife's accidental death, Michael Ashton has struggled with his many responsibilities as a single parent to twin daughters who, though they clearly love him, refuse to speak to him. Then he meets Rose and Lily's new teacher, and his emotions spin out of control. For Joanna Wingate is the mirror image of his late wife.

Bizarre coincidence, a strange destiny...or something altogether different has joined these four lives. The twins believe Mariah—a magical fortune-teller in a crystal ball—has the answers. But only Joanna and Michael's willingness to confront long-buried secrets can guide their families back to wholeness...and unite them in a love that seems meant to be.


“I loved this book! I loved it so much I don’t even know what to say. The characters were so easy to relate to–at times, uncomfortably so. I felt like I learned about myself as I read it. At times I wanted to cry and at others I was so happy but all the way through, I saw truth. This book was beautiful and perfect and I’m a fan of Freethy for life.” Jamie – Goodreads Review

Take a romantic journey to Tucker's Landing, Oregon, where Sam and Alli Tucker have made a life together ... a life about to be tested by the return of the only woman who can break them up—Alli's sister, Tessa.

A baby brought them together—and even though Alli has always loved her strong, sexy husband Sam and the life they've built together, she has decided to set him free to follow his youthful dreams. It is no longer enough for her to be wife and lover when she knows she holds so little of his heart.

Sam has always dreamed of a life away from the close-knit world of Tucker's Landing, but marriage and fatherhood ended all that. Now Sam is torn between what was and what was meant to be. He must decide if it's time to rekindle the dreams of the past ... or accept Alli, and her love, just the way she is.

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is an emotionally compelling, heartwarming, beautiful love story about choices, second chances, the crush of a youthful love, the intensity of a love born from marriage and life. "An exceptional novel from #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Barbara Freethy!"

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