Orphaned at age twelve, Beck Murray grew up with the Carmichaels, a sitcom about a perfect family. Years later, he's an FBI special agent, and Piper Nolan, the actress who starred in his teenage fantasies, enters his a suspect in the murder of a US senator...

Find out what happens in PERFECT TARGET, my new romantic FBI thriller! The setting is Los Angeles. The book opens with an explosion on a luxury yacht, and the action never stops. 

I really enjoyed writing about Piper and Beck. It was fun to delve into the life of a former child TV star. I grew up in the shadow of Universal Studios. In fact, I worked there when I was a teenager and had a chance to watch filming and learn about that industry, so I got to use some of my personal knowledge in this story, which was fun. And I'd been looking forward to writing Beck's story for a while. He's a dark, brooding, handsome FBI agent, and he has a traumatic past that he's been trying to get over for most of his life. Together, these two battered souls find a way to heal and love! 

I hope you'll check it out!


What the early readers are saying...

"Non-stop action, romance, murder, deceit, secrets and lies… this is the wild ride that is Barbara Freethy!" Robin – Goodreads on PERFECT TARGET 

"I love this series, and this one had me hooked from the beginning. Beck and Piper’s story is intense and captivating, with lots of twists and turns! It’s a wonderful read!" Kristen – Goodreads 

"Perfect Target is the perfect combination of mystery, suspense, and romance. I love this series, and this one had me hooked from the beginning!" Kristen - Goodreads 

"Perfect Target is an adrenaline rush that begs to be read in one sitting as FBI agent Beck Murray finds himself investigating, protecting and falling in love with Piper Nolan, a former child TV series star whose life he had saved some years ago." Jane – Goodreads

I hope you''ll give PERFECT TARGET a read! And that you'll love it! 

Happy Reading!


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