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Flirty, romantic fun awaits in TANGLED UP IN YOU!

It's time to go back to Whisper Lake for another romantic and heartwarming read!


Sparks fly when Adam Cole, a grumpy, cynical police detective, gets literally knocked off his feet by the free-spirited and adventurous Molly Trent! Neither one is looking for a relationship but they get tangled up in life and love, and suddenly their lives are turned completely upside down.

Both of these characters have interesting backstories that play into their love affair. Molly grew up with a single mom who was filled with wanderlust and rarely spent more than two years anywhere. Growing up, she had to learn to embrace change or she wouldn't have been able to survive. While she sometimes thinks she'd like to have roots, there's a part of her that isn't sure she can stay in one place for a long period of time.

Adam suffered a tragedy in his twenties, a haunting memory that has has influenced a lot of his life choices. He's willing to take any risk on the job but taking a risk with his heart is a much bigger ask. And he certainly doesn't think taking a risk on a woman who is impulsive and spontaneous and might change her mind when the wind blows is a good idea. But sometimes love gets in the way of the best plans. 

I hope you'll check out my new book. If you like small-town romance that is sweet with some heat and filled with intriguing characters and heartwarming moments, I think you'll enjoy the book. 

Here's what a couple of early reviewers had to say...

"I picked up the book only intending to read a couple of chapters and several hours later I had read the whole book. I was totally engaged from start to finish. If you’ve never read a Barbara Freethy book get one and see what you are missing." Karina – Goodreads

"Suspense, vulnerability, risks, romance and more…such a well written book that hold your attention the last word is read!! Can’t wait for the next book in this series." Jennie - Goodreads

"Loved it. Another interesting, charming and delightful romance from Barbara Freethy!" Barbara T – Goodreads 

"A wonderful story that you won’t be able to put down. Molly and Adam are polar opposites in how they approach life. But together they learn to overcome the past to discover how courage and love can forge a path to happiness. Love this story and I can’t wait to visit Whisper Lake again!" Karen W - Goodreads

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