Are you ready for a new psychological thriller?

Are you ready for a new psychological thriller?

The Other Emily is coming 09-12-23! I can't wait for you to read my new mystery thriller. 

In this heart-stopping psychological thriller, Emily Hollister's seemingly perfect life unravels when she becomes the target of someone intent on taking over her life.

"I know what you did." 

The anonymous note starts an ominous game of cat and mouse. Soon, Emily finds herself trapped in a web of gaslighting and manipulation. Someone is lurking in the shadows, observing her every move, and insidiously replacing her in her own existence.  

With no one she can trust, Emily turns to a stranger for help, an ex-soldier with his own baggage to carry, but is he who he appears to be? 

 As the danger escalates, Emily fights to put an end to the terrifying charade. With all the skeletons in her past, unmasking her tormentor is no easy task, but if she fails, she may find herself erased from her own life. 

Dive into this electrifying tale of deception and revenge! 

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